About Falyn

 Falyn Kingi was born an entertainer, at a young age she always demanded the attention of anyone who would watch so her awesome mother decided to put her in dance classes. Falyn first began taking tap and jazz classes at the age of 3 with the late Great Paul and Arlene Kennedy at Universal Dance Theater (later named Universal Dance Designs). She later gained an interest for ballet and modern as she used to sit on the steps entering the dance studio and watch the older girls leap across the floor. By the age of 6, Falyn just knew she wanted to be a professional dancer.


     While with the Kennedy’s Falyn began training with Laverne Reed and Debbie Allen (under the direction of Paul and Arlene Kennedy), and from there her professional training began.  She performed in numerous productions as well as The American Dream: Jackson Five TV Series as Rebbie (as a child).  From there she left Universal Dance Designs and joined the Laverne Reed Dance company and that is where Mrs. Kingi learned what dancing truly meant and should feel like.  It wasn’t something she did for fun; it was something that made her happy.  She performed in numerous productions but one that stands out is the Original Chocolate Nutcracker in 1994. Falyn was the first Brazilian doll under the direction of Laverne Reed and Debbie Allen.

 Under LaVerne Reed, Falyn was given the opportunity to train with some of the world's best dancers and choreographers (Wayne Bascomb, Hinton Battle, Wade Robinson, Michael Peters, Shawnette Heard, Ed Moore, Swoop, Edgar Godineaux, Jason Williams and Eartha Robinson just to name a few) who left a lasting impression on her life.  From there she met the most amazing and inspiring dancer/ woman in her life today; Eartha Robinson; Falyn’s dance mother. She gave her new understandings for dance.  

It wasn’t something that we just did; it was a way to express how we felt. Ms. Robinson allowed students to move in a way that felt good to their hearts and souls, as well as instilling amazing technique into our minds and body. 


In 1999 Eartha noticed that Falyn had a connection with young children and gave her the opportunity to teach what they called the “Babies”. Falyn began teaching students who were still in pampers up to the age of about 8 years old, so she had fresh canvas. Still to this day she is amazed at their growth. 


     While teaching, Falyn decided to attend a performing Arts High School (Los Angeles County of Performing Arts). It was a gift and a curse. Falyn went in with a love for dance and came out hating how the dance world perceived talent. It wasn’t about the love for the art or the greatness in a dancer anymore. Therefore it left her empty.  Through college it was Eartha that continued to encourage and inspire Falyn to dance for herself and no one else. Ms. Robinson shared something that never left her heart “You have a gift, and that gift that was giving to you from God to share with others and a part of that gift is connecting with our young children.”

In 2010 Falyn took a leap of faith and began teaching at Kingi's Kajukenbo and created Movement From the Soul. During that time her family began to grow an she took some breaks here and there to bond with her new family. During that period Falyn struggled with finding balance between her day job, dancing/coaching the young girls she had built relationships with and spending time with family and the little princess she had birthed. It wasn't until her daughter showed a true love to move that she knew she had to get back on the floor.  So with that being said, it is Falyn’s dream and goal to continue to empower/encourage young girls to be confident in themselves through the arts as well as coaching (check out Made with Love).  She also wants to instill the importance of learning how to express feelings, emotions through the movement from their soul to eliminate stress. 


We are really looking forward to this year and I’m excited for what is to come!

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